Allergy Diagnostics & Allergen Immunotherapy Training

Allergy Diagnostics

The one-day Allergy Diagnostics & Allergen Immunotherapy Training Workshop will combine instruction from primary care and specialist practitioners, as well as hands-on training and practice.

You will learn:

  • Why more people are experiencing allergies
  • Which substances trigger allergy symptoms
  • How to safely and accurately confirm a patient’s specific allergy triggers
  • How and when to perform blood and skin testing for environmental, food and penicillin allergies, with hands-on practice conducting skin tests
  • How to accurately interpret and measure the level of allergic reaction that may occur during testing How to differentiate between a food allergy and an intolerance
  • Current allergy treatment methods and standards of care
  • How to reduce the risks of allergic reactions Prevention, treatment, and management of anaphylaxis
  • How to code allergy testing and treatment to receive insurance reimbursement
  • How to understand and communicate current evidence for cost savings and efficacy associated with allergic disease management in primary care settings

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