Human Resource Management Certificate

"My experience was extraordinary and there is not a day at work that I don’t apply or receive the fruits acquired from the University of Miami, Human Resources Management certificate. I use my knowledge daily assisting people with their job search, during conferences, and as a writer and speaker in both the US and abroad. I participate in the Hispanic media Univision, CNN Español, Club 700, and others where I am known as “The Workforce Fairy.”

Hada Maria Morales
DEO/Florida Department of Labor

“Having a direct insight to the wealth of knowledge and expertise commanded by the adjunct professors and industry leaders in the program was invaluable and overall a positive experience”. Enjoyed the opportunity to make connections with professionals from a diverse range of industries. Time and money well invested."

Jacqueline Pis-Dudot, Hotelier Consulting Services

"I participated in the 2012 Fall courses at UM and was quite impressed with the quality of the program. Having not seen the inside of a classroom since graduating college back in 1985, I admit it was challenging but surprisingly enlightening. I had many misconceptions about the changing role of HR in the new business world. Benefits & Compensation was particularly informative and by far, Employee and Labor Relations was my favorite topic. All the professors in the program are outstanding.

The quality of the material and the time dedicated is worth the experience and the investment. This is a program that any professional, not only those in the HR field, can benefit from."

Nancy Lugo, HSBC Bank