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About Dalton Education

Dalton Education, LLC is a leading provider of innovative education solutions in financial planning.

The founders of Dalton Education have helped thousands of financial professionals earn the CFP® certification marks. Our program consists of providing the highest quality CFP education through premier university partners and the leading CFP review course in the industry, THE DALTON REVIEW® for the CFP® Certification Examination.

No other review course is as comprehensive and exam focused as THE DALTON REVIEW® for the CFP® exam.

These programs are offered through the Office of Professional Advancement.

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Executive Certified Financial Planner Certificate Program (CFP®)

The Online Executive CFP® Certification Education program is an independent, self-paced, online education program, designed to fulfill the education requirement to sit for the CFP® Certification Examination. The program is designed to be completed in nine months but may completed in more or less time, depending on a student's schedule.

Masters Certificate in Financial Planning

Gain a thorough knowledge of financial planning through a rigorous curriculum designed not only for passing the CFP® certification exam, but also for successful real-world application. This is a live, instructor-led, online financial planning education program designed to meet the education requirement for the CFP® Certification Examination in only nine months. This accelerated program is taught by experienced financial planning educators, many of whom are former members of the Board of Examiners (now CFP Board’s Council on Examinations).

Financial Plan Presentation Course

Students will learn how to prepare and present a financial plan using financial planning software and multiple approaches to identify and plan for a client’s goals and risks.

Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting

Designed for those who hold at least an undergraduate degree in a field other than accounting from an accredited college or university and whose present interest or occupation is accounting. This program requires students to take the same 24 semester hours of accounting courses required for an undergraduate major in accounting.

Other Programs

At this time, there are no other programs available for Finance and Accounting. Please check back at a later date.