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Auditing Undergraduate Classes

Auditing UM undergraduate courses is a benefit granted by the University of Miami. An auditor is a person who enrolls as an observer or listener only. The professor will indicate if s/he wants to include the member in the classroom discussions.  

Program Guidelines:

  • Auditing is for Lecture classes ONLY, on a space available basis and approved by the faculty member and OLLI. “Lecture type” classes are those in which students can observe the delivered lecture of material by the professor.
  • Auditing is for a maximum of 3 UNDERGRADUATE courses.
  • Auditing is permitted during fall and spring sessions ONLY, not summer.
  • Auditing is NOT permitted in language, laboratory, creative writing, seminars, performance courses or in Graduate programs (Law or Medical School)
  • You will be notified, via email, when you have received permission to audit the classes you requested.

You must complete and submit an Audit Request Form available on our website: olli.dcie.miami.edu.

All requests to audit must come through the OLLI office through the online request form and be approved by the OLLI Director.

Audit request forms should be submitted no earlier than ONE MONTH prior to the start of the class being audited. No audit request forms received 3 days prior to the beginning of class will be accepted.

OLLI members cannot attend a class without having received written permission from the instructor and clearance from the OLLI Director.

PLEASE NOTE: There are NO REFUNDS available for the OLLI Audit Fee.

Search for UM classes you would like to audit

If you are unable to access the undergraduate classes by clicking on the link above, type https://canelink.miami.edu in your browser and click on "class search." Make sure to choose the term when you want to take the class (ex: Spring or Fall).  If you know the subject matter of the course, you can select it as well. 

The Fee for auditing Undergraduate classes is $500.  Whether you audit one class or the maximum of three, the fee is the same.

Course Audit Request Form

 Online Course Catalog

e-mail osher@miami.edu to apply for auditing courses.

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