Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Courses

OLLI at UM Testimonials


Wesley Dallas: “Every semester when it was time to pick classes…I would see all these great courses in philosophy and art and history, but I didn’t have time for that. You know, you’ve got to do the core courses, the required courses. And I would always say, one of these days, I’m going to go to school just for the fun of it. Just for the sake of learning and being in a classroom discussing things that you don’t get to discuss or talk about, even amongst your friends.”



Lynda Green: “The questions that the people at OLLI ask are amazing. Everybody’s mind here is just so sharp, and I adore them, I love going into class and making new friends and being bonded by our love for learning.”





Irene Colsky: “You’re not alone when you’re with OLLI. There’s always someone here, there’s always something to do, but it’s worthwhile. It’s not just taking time away. And we definitely are not rocking chair people.”



Alan Dietz: “My feeling is, when you’re over 60 you’re playing in the last quarter of the game we’re in. So you might as well do everything you can to use your mind instead of watching TV or whatever a lot of people sit around doing. That’s the nice thing about this program. It gives those of us who are over 60 an opportunity to keep doing aerobic exercises of the brain instead of just walking around the block or walking around the mall.”



Jeanette Goodman: “It’s an incredible program.   It is an opportunity for lifelong learning, an opportunity to make a difference in your own life and also meet some neat and special people.   So, I have met incredible people and am learning things that I now have time to pursue.”




Haim Karp: “I didn’t have this uncertainty about what to do after I retired, because I knew I was going to join OLLI. I like the courses; I like the atmosphere; I like the friendship with people; and I like to devote some time for activities at OLLI. I like volunteering.”