Paralegal Certificate

The University of Miami Paralegal Certificate Program prepares participants to successfully work as paralegals in a variety of industries. Paralegals are integral members of the legal team. Knowledge and skills in key legal areas are the foundation for competent performance of paralegal job functions. Paralegals conduct interviews, investigate case details, participate in discovery processes, draft pleadings, briefs, and motions, lay out legal arguments, analyze cases, document case details, and perform legal research.

The Program, through a skill-building and developmental approach that emphasizes application-based, incremental learning, prepares participants to transition from the classroom to the legal community with a comprehensive knowledge base for work as paralegals within legal and ethical parameters. Emphasis is placed on foundational skill development. A building block learning approach is taken, with focus on legal terminology, sources of law, legal research techniques, and legal writing strategies applied to core paralegal functions and fourteen specific substantive law areas. Skill sets are developed in the core areas of law office technology and operations, and administrative support for all stages of the legal process. Participants apply skills in progressive drafting assignments, using multiple hypothetical clients, culminating in a Virtual Clients File ePortfolio of work to showcase abilities.

Program Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the University of Miami Paralegal Certificate program, the participant will demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Applying ethics rules in the legal environment
  • Navigating procedural rules for case management and compliance
  • Conducting electronic legal research using Lexis and Westlaw
  • Constructing legal analysis based on law interpretation
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Using legal technology
  • Exploring key components of fourteen substantive areas of law
  • Demonstrating fundamental and substantive specific skillsets associated with career readiness

University of Miami Paralegal Certificate Program