Paralegal Certificate

Program Structure
Participants interact with faculty in the classroom on a weekly basis in a classroom format in the Ground Program, and in an asynchronous format in the Online Program. Live lectures and workshops are conducted for ground students. Recorded lectures, accompanied by connected supplemental web resources, with knowledge checks and areas of reflection, are presented for online students.

Ground and online students have access to extensive study support, resources, interactives, videos and labs, and learning reinforcement tools to supplement areas of Program focus.

Twenty Program Blocks focus on incremental paralegal skill building. Twelve Program Blocks focus on fourteen substantive areas of law. Throughout the fundamental skills and substantive law blocks, students showcase learning through the completion of paralegal research and writing assignments.

Interactive Program eBook
Paralegal Fundamentals: Foundation, process, and law is an interactive Program eBook that provides the basis for the learning in new and innovative ways. The Program eBook, authored by high accomplished legal professionals in their fields, was written specifically for paralegals. Content is focused on areas of paralegal practice with an emphasis on learning that supports application-based, transferable skills.

Interactive in design, the eBook includes focused call outs that highlight current topics and trends in the law including: key quotes, case connections, paralegal practice perspectives, and career connections. A system of defined icons connects key concepts presented as supplemental content in the text to web-based study support to enhance and reinforce the incremental learning process. Additional features of the Program eBook include:

  • Digital eBook Access
    • The eBook is provided, as part of the Program tuition, in a web-based format for on the go learning, in a desktop and mobile format.
  • Chapter Outlines and Objectives
    • Presented on the first page of every chapter is a chapter outline and a list of objectives, providing a valuable roadmap for every foundational and substantive area covered.
  • Hotlinks and Videos
    • Hotlinks to websites and video content are included throughout the text to further reinforce and expand learning.